About LombardPress Web

The LombardPress web publication framework is designed as a reading interface where a user can read and explore digital critical editions. It provides a place for user accounts, comments, permissions, manuscript facsimile viewing, on demand collation and many other features.

The web publication framework can be used to display an critical text. The framework itself relies on external services to retrieve texts (the SCTA api) and images (the IIIF api).

It’s currently in private alpha testing, and we hope to move it to public beta testing in the Fall of 2016. The alpa, in development site, can be viewed at http://scta.lombardpress.org

Below are some screen shots of the reading environment




2.0.0 (in alpha testing)

The public repository can be found at http://github.com/lombardpress/lombardpress-web The repository issues and wiki for ongoing development goals. If you are interested in a feature please submit an issue.

1.0.0 (depreciated, legacy project)

LombardPress 1.0.0 was an early php version of the environment. It is an important early version in the history of this project.

Early discussions and reviews of the 1.0.0 version are available here:

  • Petrus Plaoul. Commentarius in libros Sententiarum: Editiones electronicas, Jeffrey C. Witt (ed.), 2011ff.. http://petrusplaoul.org (Last Accessed: 03.02.2015). Reviewed by Andrew Dunning (Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto). andrew.dunning (at) utoronto.ca, http://ride.i-d-e.de/issues/issue-3/petrus_plaoul/
  • Jeffrey Witt “Texts, Media, and Re-Mediation: the Digital Future of the Sentences Commentary Tradition” in Mediaeval Commentaries on the “Sentences” of Peter Lombard, v. 3, ed. Philipp W. Rosemann, (Brill, 2015), 504-515