Document Status: First Draft

Linked Data and the Medieval Scholastic Tradition

Dates: August 17-19, 2016

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Sponsored by: The University of Basel


This workshop aims to bring together stake holders from a variety of projects in an effort to chart the course for the future development of scholastic corpora in the digital age. As a group, we plan to discuss how we can merge the increasing number of disparate datasets into a connected whole. This includes the linking of manuscript metadata, manuscript facsimiles, digital transcriptions, translations, commentaries, and secondary literature. Central topics of discussion will include consideration of the data models and technologies required to build this connected corpus, as well as how to incorporate the large amounts of textual data currently being produced by textual editors.

Represented research groups, projects, and stakeholders

Provisional Agenda

Wednesday, Aug. 17th - Technical Meeting


  • Presentation of existing systems


  • Brainstorming about integrating systems, technologies, and workflows.
  • Discussion of system layers: core databases, common apis, api consuming web applications and software.

Thursday, Aug 18th - Technical Meeting


  • Practical considerations. Where will systems live? How will people access those systems?


  • Actions Items
    • Grant support
    • Dividing up labor
    • Short term and long term development goals
    • Future meetings

Friday, Aug 19th - Community Meeting


  • Presentation of existing work and results of technical meetings
  • Questions and concerns from contributing textual editors
  • Brainstorm about ways to encourage contribution from scholars at various level of technical ability


  • Actions items
    • Short Term Planning
    • Long Term Planning