LombardPress is the publishing component of a digital ecosystem designed to help faciliate a new kind of editing of historical texts.

The primary focus of LombardPress is to faciliate the publication, dissemination, and study of Sentences Commentaries. But the basic apporach is designed to be abstract enough to include the publication of other materials that want to follow the same workflow and adhere to the same guidelines.

LombardPress Schema

The LombardPress Schema is a narrow customization of the more general TEI specification. This customization allows us to document and encode the increasingly complex interaction of works, transcriptions, translations, and images that constitute the corpus of Sentences commentary texts. For more, see Lbp Schema

LombardPress Web Publication Framework

The LombardPress Web Publication Framework is a web application designed to allow users to read and study digitally encoded texts, particularly those edited according to the LombardPress Schema and ingested in the Sentences Commentary Text Archive. For more see Lbp Web

LombardPress Print

LombardPress Print is a set of stylesheets, scripts, and workflows designed to allow for the easy typesetting of complexly encoded critical editions in LaTeX and ultimately the transformation of these texts into camera ready proofs. For more see Lbp Print


The primary contact for the LombardPress sytem is Jeffrey C Witt (jcwitt [at] loyola [dot] edu).